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Day Program

We have developed an exclusive Day Program curriculum that is adaptive, fun & beneficial to the consumer’s ongoing personal growth. The curriculum includes physical fitness, wellness, social skills, current events, vocational training, life skills, and more.

Respite Care Services

PDS provides temporary client care as an opportunity for parents/providers to meet other obligations or to take a much-needed break (vacations, before/after school care, or important events). Respite care is completed by qualified staff at either their home or health care sites.

Host Home Services

We have a qualified team of caring host home providers throughout the Denver Metro area. Each home is equipped with professionals who lend care and support for the client’s long-term wellness.

Genuine Care Just for you

Individualized Projects

Pursue individual goals with our help.

Group Projects

We prepared fun and exciting activities.

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What We Do Our Services

People's Day Service desire is to support our developmentally and intellectually disabled community, in leading the BEST life possible.

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Day Program

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Host Home Services

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Individualized Care Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to create an environment that allows people with developmental and intellectual disabilities improve their quality of life, while supporting them to achieve their true potential.


Safety Care Training October 12 & October 19 from 10 am-3 pm

In-Service October 4, 2019 ( Day Program and Office closed)

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Employee of the Month

  • Deinde Jaiyesinmi

    OctoberDeinde JaiyesinmiHe is our office assistant. Yet, this title does not justify how valuable he is to our daily operations. He is in charge of our fleet of vehicles, maintains the behind-the-scene operations, and fills in as a direct care staff. Whatever the need is, Deinde always jumps in to help.

  • Joy Awanah

    NovemberJoy AwanahJoy is just like her name! She is a "joy" to have in our Day Program. She has taken on some difficult consumers with much success. Joy has been working with her consumers to become more independent. We have seen her clients grow since she has worked with them. She always has a smile and is ready for the day. We are glad to have her on our team.

  • Jones

    DecemberMr. JonesHe is the definition of a humble man and hard worker. He is an exemplary leader at PDS. He is first to help maintain the cleanliness of the classrooms, courtyard, and vehicles. He shows compassion and skill with each and every client. We are proud to honor Mr. Jones for employee of the month.

  • Erica

    JanuaryErica D.She is undeniably an asset to our Day Program team. She has gone the extra mile to engage her clients and bring out the best in them. We are thankful for her hard work.

  • Joshua_Olaleye

    JulyMr. FrankMr. Frank has been a long standing Direct Care Staff. He has connected with his clients. Also, Mr Frank is able to put his automotive skills to use by helping maintain our fleet of vehicles. He is a valuable part of our PDS Team.

  • Joshua_Olaleye

    AugustJoshua OlaleyeJoshua has been a dedicated employee for over 7 years. He has gone the extra mile time and time again. He has worked with very difficult clients. They have thrived under his care. He is a great asset to PDS.

  • Vanessa Traylor

    SeptemberVanessa TraylorIs one of PDS Team Leads. She is a great team member who always has a smile on her face. She able to handle any situation with ease. She is dependable. Vanessa is a great leader at PDS and we are glad to have her!

  • Michael Joshua

    SeptemberMichael JoshuaMichael is a Team Lead for the PDS Day Program. He is able to apply is wealth of experience as a lead. He is a Host Home Provider , Direct Support Staff and Leader at our Day Program. He is able to connect with some very difficult consumers. PDS would not be the same with out his hard work day in and day out.

  • Owners smiling with dog
    "A Hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles." Christopher Reeves
  • Young Men smiling
    “The word Disability has the word ABILITY in it. Why not focus on what one can do.” Jazae Monae