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Deinde Jaiyesinmi

He is our office assistant. Yet, this title does not justify how valuable he is to our daily operations. He is in charge of our fleet of vehicles, maintains the behind-the-scene operations, and fills in as a direct care staff. Whatever the need is, Deinde always jumps in to help.

Joy Awanah

Joy is just like her name! She is a “joy” to have in our Day Program. She has taken on some difficult consumers with much success. Joy has been working with her consumers to become more independent. We have seen her clients grow since she has worked with them. She always has a smile and is ready for the day. We are glad to have her on our team.

Mr. Jones 

He is the definition of a humble man and hard worker. He is an exemplary leader at PDS. He is first to help maintain the cleanliness of the classrooms, courtyard, and vehicles. He shows compassion and skill with each and every client. We are proud to honor Mr. Jones for employee of the month.

Erica D. 

She is undeniably an asset to our Day Program team. She has gone the extra mile to engage her clients and bring out the best in them. We are thankful for her hard work.